Simply unroll the Bunk Sox from one end of the mattress to the other, tuck it tight, and your days of wrestling with ill-fitting sheets are over. 


Bunk Sox serve five functions: 

  • They protect the mattress, reducing mattress replacement costs.
  • They create a tight and tidy appearance for a bunk. 
  • People sleep better when their sheets stay tucked in and do not wrinkle. 
  • Tucking and re-tucking daily is avoided, creating a better close-quarters environment with bunk mates. 
  • Bunk Sox are stretchy so they can accommodate odd-shaped mattresses. 

Bunk Sox come in three sizes to fit the following mattress widths:

  • 24"- 30" (small)
  • 30"- 40" (medium)
  • 40"- 50" (large)

Each Bunk Sox is 7 feet long. Length can increase to 8 feet when stretched over a mattress. 

Which size should I get?

Measure the width of the widest part of your mattress. For example, if your mattress is 40" wide on one end and 28" wide at the opposite end, you will need a 30"- 40" (medium) Bunk Sox. We assume most mattresses to be 4 to 6'' high. If your mattress is more than 6" high, or you've put a topper on it, you may want to consider ordering a larger size Bunk Sox. 

       *If you need help in determining the size of Bunk Sox you require, please contact us. We are always happy to help. 


NOTE: Our current sizes will not fit on a Double or Queen sized mattress. We are working on developing a larger size. Please stay tuned. Also, if you have need of a exceptionally small Bunk Sox for that silly cushion at the end of your v-berth, let us know and we can custom-make one for you. Pricing is determined by dimensions.